Next orbital space tourist a Russian politician?

The head of the Russian space agency Roskosmos hinted this week that the next commercial passenger on a Soyuz ISS flight might be a Russian politician. According to an article today in the English-language newspaper The Moscow Times, Roskosmos chief Anatoly Perminov hinted that “several” governors of various regions of Russia have expressed an interest in the trip. The question, the newspaper reports, is how they would pay for the trip, since the highest-paid government official in Russia, president Vladimir Putin, makes a mere $90,000. However, the article adds, “Several governors have been investigated on suspicion of corruption recently, including on how their trips to foreign countries were financed.” No Russian billionaires are interested in signing up for a flight, said Perminov. “Perhaps they are afraid of leaving their fortunes unattended.”

1 comment to Next orbital space tourist a Russian politician?

  • Charles Lurio

    Perhaps the billionaires are afraid of an accident in the airlock if Putin has a beef with them.

    As to the governors, if you really want to look for a continuing source of corrrupt governors with tons of bucks on the backs of their people, try Nigeria

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