Blue Origin “merchandise” on

You can buy a lot of things on, from books and DVDs to clothes and jewelry. Did you know that you can also buy a full-scale replica of Goddard, the Blue Origin spacecraft? It’ll only cost you $9,999,999.00 (on sale from $11,999,999.00!). The product description: “A full sized replica of Goddard. This is a great item which is detailed from the cockpit to the tail. Shown above you can see some of the detail that goes into building these fantastic replicas.” Be warned, however: the shipping weight is just over 22 trillion pounds, so it’s not going to make the UPS guy very happy.

The replica is sold by a vendor named TVPATAM, whose store includes a mix of ordinary items (camera, headphones) and the Goddard replica, along with a Space Rock Paperweight and G Suit (made of “a heavy duty denim twill” in three sizes and four colors), each for $999,999. It looks like someone (perhaps associated with Blue Origin?) has a sense of humor.

(Via collectSPACE and rich text.)

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