X Prize Cup funding problems in New Mexico?

I received an email overnight that had been forwarded from a list of X Prize Cup volunteers indicating that there may be some problems securing some state funding that was intended to support the 2007 event. Here’s the key passage of that message:

The Governor had pushed for $1 million to be allocated for assistance in producing the X PRIZE Cup this year. That money has been removed by an unknown senator. In order for us to have those appropriations returned to the legislation we need “all hands on deck” to call Senate Minority Leader Lee Rawson 505-986-4703 and promote their support of our event. Please contact Senator Tim Jennings (D), Co-Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, and ask that he help convince Sen. Rawson to add back the $1 million originally proposed. This money is crucial to our ability to produce the “space” portion of this show. Without the state’s support we are in jeopardy of loosing [sic] major assets of content.

The email asked people to call their state senators in New Mexico, as well as the two listed in the pssage above, by noon today. Given the short notice I have not been able to verify what the exact nature of the problem is, or how firm that noon (MST) deadline is. If I hear anything more I will pass it along.

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