Rocket Racing League takes root in Las Cruces

The Rocket Racing League (RRL) won’t have anything flying at the X Prize Cup, but they are getting grounded in a good way in Las Cruces. The company reported that the Las Cruces City Council unanimously approved the sale of 69.34 hectares (171.35 acres) of land near the airport for the company’s headquarters and industrial park. RRL plans to break ground for a 4,640-square-meter (50,000-square-foot) headquarters by November 2007, and will provide land for “industries that support the League”. RRL will also have 10 hangars at the airport and a smaller R&D facility on the New Mexico State University campus.

Also, on Friday during the X Prize Cup the RRL will announce the name for the first X-Racer, the result of a competition run by the league.

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