Launching Madonna

RIA Novosti reports that a deputy in the Russian Duma has proposed that Russia send pop singer Madonna on a trip to the International Space Station. Alexei Mitrofanov, described as a “flamboyant lawmaker from the ultra-nationalist LDPR party” said that the Russian space agency Roskosmos should act to send Madonna on a 2008 flight, apparently acting on a comment reportedly made by Madonna, in Moscow this week for a concern, that she would like to fly to space. Why 2008? “It would be a serious event, considering the TV coverage and the fact that it will coincide with [presidential] elections in the United States and Russia,” Mitrofanov said. The only remaining question: one way or round trip?

Update 9/14 7am: While the Russian Duma did not look favorably on Mitrofanov’s proposal, the head of Roskosmos said he’s be happy to fly Madonna to the ISS, although she would have to wait until 2009 because seats on earlier flights are already accounted for. Still a mystery, though, is exactly what Madonna said during her Russian visit that kicked off this hullabaloo.

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