Updates on PlanetSpace and Nova Scotia

Yesterday’s report that PlanetSpace is planning to develop a spaceport at Cape Breton, Nova Scotia generated a fair amount of media attention in Canada. Some summaries of the coverage:

PlanetSpace tells the Canadian Press that they will proceed with their orbital vehicle, Silver Dart, even if they are passed over in NASA’s COTS competition. That’s […]

Spaceport Nova Scotia?

The Toronto Star reports this morning that PlanetSpace has signed an agreement with the government of Nova Scotia to develop a spaceport in the province for the company’s planned orbital vehicle. As reporter Scott Simmie writes:

…Nova Scotia has signed a “team agreement” to provide 300 acres of land – and perhaps even some funding […]

American Express: don’t leave gravity without it.

A New York Times article Sunday about the special incentives and packages that credit card companies provide to their best customers includes a brief mention of a special Zero-G flight offered by American Express:

Some American Express Platinum cardholders looked behind the curtain of space flight last month with a zero-gravity flight on a modified […]

Rutan, space tourism, and the c-word

SPACE.com landed an exclusive interview with Burt Rutan, published back on Friday. By and large there’s not a lot new here: many of the comments he made here are similar to comments he has made in the past, such as at the ISDC in May. He revealed that one of his biggest concerns was potential […]

Bigelow’s change of course

Bigelow Aerospace surprised a lot of people late Friday when the company announced that it planned to “accelerate future plans” related to the series of experimental orbital modules it planned to develop and launch. Details were sketchy, and the company said it would only provide additional details early next year, when it launches its next […]

Virgin Galactic in Australia

A Sydney Morning Herald blog entry reports that a number of travel agents in Australia have signed up to sell SpaceShipTwo flights for Virgin Galactic. Nine travel agents around the country will offer the flights at A$264,000 a ticket, starting with a A$26,000 deposit. Five Australians, including two from the Australian science magazine Cosmos, already […]

PlanetSpace update

MSNBC’s Alan Boyle checks in with PlanetSpace, one of the lesser-known space tourism companies. PlanetSpace evolved from Canadian Arrow, one of the two Canadian X Prize entrants (The da Vinci Project being the other); Canadian Arrow planned to develop a vehicle similar to the V-2 for suborbital spaceflights. Most of the focus of the report […]

Orbital space tourism update

Space Adventures announced today that Charles Simonyi, the company’s most recent client, has won medical approval from Russian authorities for a future Soyuz flight. Space Adventures did not disclose, though, when Simonyi might fly, saying only that “More details regarding Dr. Simonyi’s scheduled launch date, commencement of training and specific mission objectives will be announced […]

Visiting Spaceport America

Wired News’ Jason Silverman pays a visit to Spaceport America, whose limited infrastructure “looks more John Ford than Jetsons.” Much of the article is about preparations for the New Mexico spaceport’s first launch. a UP Aerospace, including the installation of a hydraulic launch rail nicknamed “T Rex”. Things didn’t go smoothly, but after a little […]

Virgin and Lossiemouth

Some more news on Virgin Galactic’s visit to RAF Lossiemouth, which is being scouted as a potential Scottish base for the space tourism company:

Press Association: Branson wants Scotland to rival the Kennedy Space Center: a spokesman for the air base said both sides are interested in the proposal, and that informal discussions between air […]