Those New Mexican communists

New Mexico has been very aggressive about courting aerospace companies, in particular space tourism companies like Virgin Galactic and Starchaser Ltd., among others. A Florida newspaper reports that similar incentives have lured a Florida-based aircraft company to set up a factory south of Albuquerque. The reaction to this move, from one consultant: “Florida supports its industry, it doesn’t directly subsidize it like New Mexico. New Mexico runs it’s [sic] economy more like the Communists in Soviet Russia than anything else here in the west.

I suspect that, to many New Mexicans, them’s fightin’ words.

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  • brent


    Poor Florida.

    Florida has no leg to stand on this one, since the only reason they have an aerospace (mostly space) sector at all is that it was donated to them by the Command Economy of NASA.

    New Mexico is being smart with the windfall profits it got from natural gas and is being more capitalist not by subsidizing their companies, but by making the business’ government burden less. They are creating a friendly business environment, not whining about ULA job loss from ending shuttle ops subsidies.

    At the VERY least, if New Mexico is subsidizing their industry they are using state funds, as opposed to Florida’s addiction to the Federal teat.

    Thats it! Jihad against Florida, New Mexico! Eh. Ah, screw it. I’m just gonna eat my green chile burrito.

  • As one of the companies lured to New Mexico, I can state that incentives didn’t play a major factor in our decision. The people of New Mexico seem to be interested in promoting the concept of space travel. Everyone from the person on the street to county reprsentatives to the governor have been nothing but supportive. They want the business and are going after it.

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