Virgin seeks travel agents

Virgin Galactic has a vehicle under development, a group of 100 Founders that have paid to be the first to fly on the vehicle, and a list of tens of thousands of people who have expressed an interest in flying at some point. So it’s a little surprising to see that Virgin has put a call for travel agents to help sell their flights. The “Virgin Galactic Space Agents” will be existing registered travel agents who will book flights on SpaceShipTwo for suborbital tourists. Prospective “space agents” have to demonstrate to Virgin skills like “managing your client expectations” and “excellent customer service”, as well as how they would go about drumming up business for Virgin. This is an intriguing move since, to date, Virgin Galactic has appeared effective in rounding up customers on its own, thanks in large to the publicity it has generated. Perhaps the company is thinking ahead to a time when there will be more competition for suborbital space tourism flights and Virgin will need more than the Branson publicity machine to keep up sales?

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