Dream Chaser event Wednesday

SpaceDev is reportedly planning an event Wednesday to “unveil” its proposed orbital space plane, Dream Chaser, as part of its effort to win a COTS contract from NASA. The event will be held not at the company’s San Diego-area headquarters but instead in the Denver area, where SpaceDev now has a presence after its acquisition […]

Space tourism and Lebanon?

You’d think there would be bigger things to worry about in Lebanon than “creating awareness” about space tourism, yet an article in The Daily Star describes a seminar last week about the potential of space tourism at the Beirut Travel Academy:

“We need to create awareness,” explained Hassan al-Zein, who led the event. “Dubai is […]

Singapore wants to be first – good luck

An article in the Singapore newspaper Today makes an interesting claim: that the spaceport planned for the island city-state will be “the world’s first commercial tourist spaceport.” The source of that claim is unclear, although the article sites the February announcement by Space Adventures about the spaceport project as “plans to develop the world’s first […]

Just say yes

Orlando Sentinel columnist Eric Michaels recounts a trip on Zero-G’s aircraft he took earlier this year. It’s clear from his column that he enjoyed the trip; his stomach, not so much: “Trust me, I’ve never had so much fun making myself sick.” In his case, the queasiness didn’t come until after he completed all his […]

Spaceport news

Yesterday was a big news for up-and-coming commercial spaceports that want to serve the space tourism market:

Oklahoma’s spaceport at the former Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base has received its operators license from the FAA’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation. (The announcement was rather low-key: while the FAA issued a press release about the license, that […]

It’s not unusual for Space Adventures to get astronaut advisors

Space Adventures announced yesterday that Tom Jones (the former astronaut, not the singer) has signed on the company’s advisory board. Jones is a veteran of four shuttle missions and recently published a memoir of his days as an astronaut, Sky Walking. “I’m impressed with the level of focus and dedication at Space Adventures in opening […]

SpaceShipTwo flight characteristics

Flight International provides some relatively new details about the performance of SpaceShipTwo, based on comments made by Virgin Galactic president Will Whitehorn and Scaled Composites’ Brian Binnie at a space tourism forum in London last week. According to the report, SS2 will fly to an altitude of 140 km and experience 7 g’s on reentry. […]

Is there a race between Space Adventures and Virgin Galactic?

That’s the gist of a short Flight International article about the two companies, based on comments that representatives of the two companies made at a space tourism forum last week in London. According to the article, Chris Faranetta of Space Adventures said that “it is a race” to see who would be the first to […]

Sell (overpriced) flowers, go to space

Last month we mentioned Mark Rocket, a New Zealand businessman whose dedication to flying on Virgin Galactic went so far that he changed his last name to Rocket. It turns out Mr. Rocket is quite the entrepreneur: besides his own personal web site, he has the “Rocket Network” of businesses, primarily related to internet services […]

Greg Olsen, Starbucks, and space tourism

A CNET News.com article about a speech Greg Olsen gave at a San Francisco conference this week provides some general details about his experiences as a space tourist, but also some interesting insight into how he got interested in taking the Soyuz trip to the ISS in the first place:

A New Jersey resident, Olsen […]