Just say yes

Orlando Sentinel columnist Eric Michaels recounts a trip on Zero-G’s aircraft he took earlier this year. It’s clear from his column that he enjoyed the trip; his stomach, not so much: “Trust me, I’ve never had so much fun making myself sick.” In his case, the queasiness didn’t come until after he completed all his parabolas. “I was lacing up my sneakers when the Action Stomach started sending hints up the pipe that it wasn’t happy. Seconds later, I watched a backward replay of breakfast. Thankfully, I had eaten lightly.” He notes that Zero-G claims that only one in 100 fliers will experience motion sickness, but “of the eight rookie fliers on my trip, six had to use air-sickness bags.”

Of course, Michaels could have avoided that unpleasantness by taking the motion sickness drugs Zero-G provides. However, “I’m not prone to motion sickness, and Nancy Reagan once told me to ‘Just Say No.’ So I stuck to her sage advice and passed.” In the end, though, “I wish I’d said ‘Yes’ to the drugs.”

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