Spaceport Michigan?

The state of Michigan isn’t pursuing a spaceport, unlike next-door neaighbor Wisconsin (which may or may not be serious about a spaceport), but an editorial Friday in the Bay City Times suggests that the state should take the idea seriously. Why? Jobs and money, of course: “Don’t just think out of the box in trying to save, rebuild or reshape the state’s economy. Think out of this world.” (The editorial cites an economic impact report for the New Mexico spaceport, which in the interests of full disclosure I should note was performed for the state by my employer.) The Times even has scouted out a location for the facility: “an enormous, old bomber base with humongous runways up in Oscoda”, on the shores of Lake Huron. Beyond this editorial, however, there’s no sign the state is considering the idea of a spaceport.

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