X Prize Cup updates

A couple of former X Prize teams plan on appearing, albeit not competing, at the X Prize Cup next month. Via the Lunar Lander Challenge blog is a press release from the da Vinci Project announcing that they plan to participate in the Cup and “show casing a new design”, and well as planning some […]

X Prize tickets on sale

Tickets are now available for the X Prize Cup in New Mexico next month. (Well, maybe not available at the moment I write this Thursday morning: the X Prize cup server was down.) Tickets cost $10/day for adults and $5/day for children and students; two-day passes cost $15 for adults and $10 for students and […]

SpaceShipOne, two years later

Today is the second anniversary of the first flight into space by a piloted, privately-developed spacecraft: SpaceShipOne. That flight, as well as the two X Prize-winning flights that followed in September and October of 2004, were witnessed in person by thousands in Mojave and many more on television and online–many of whom were probably interested […]

Coming soon: X Prize Cup “viral videos”

In an ISDC presentation Saturday afternoon, Ryan Wilson of the X Prize Foundation described some innovative marketing efforts the organization is planning to promote this October’s X Prize Cup in New Mexico. In the next few weeks, he said, they play to start releasing a series of 30-40 “viral videos”: clips one to two minutes […]