WK2 flyover a success

As promised, WhiteKnightTwo did make an appearance in the skies over Las Cruces on Saturday morning. The aircraft took off from Phoenix and, at around 9:30 am MDT (11:30 am EDT) made a series of three low passes over the airport. WK2 made a pair of passes over the 8/26 runway and then, after […]

WK2 looks ready to go to New Mexico

Flightglobal.com reports that WhiteKnightTwo has completed two more test flights in recent days, which appear to clear the way for the aircraft to make its first long-distance flight on Friday to fly over the groundbreaking ceremonies for Spaceport America in New Mexico. A one-hour test flight on June 11th (as noted in the flight logs) […]

WK2 expands the envelope

WhiteKnightTwo’s test program continued this week with a seventh test flight, Scaled Composites revealed in the test logs for the program. The flight set new records for altitude (45,000 feet/13,700 meters), speed (340 knots/630 km/h) and duration (6.1 hours). Plans still call for the aircraft to make a flyby at the Spaceport America groundbreaking next […]

Another WK2 flight

WhiteKnightTwo (aka “VMS Eve”) has made its sixth test flight, according to a tweet from Virgin Galactic. The flight was a success and reached a peak altitude of 10,670 meters (35,000 feet), according to the statement, which would make it the highest test flight to date. As of midday Thursday the flight hadn’t yet appeared […]

Wired’s not-so-“exclusive” WK2 video

A post on Wired’s Autopia blog caught my attention yesterday: “Exclusive Video of Virgin Galactic’s Test Flight”. Wired claimed to have obtained “exclusive video of Virgin Galactic’s recent test flight” of WhiteKnightTwo. The video is here:

At first I was impressed that Wired got its hands on what presumably was video from the April […]

That’s why they’re called test flights (updated)

[See update below]

SPACE.com and Flight International both reported that WhiteKnightTwo, the carrier aircraft for SpaceShipTwo, made its fourth and longest test flight on Mon day, a four-hour flight that reached an altitude of 6,100 meters and speed of nearly 260 km/h. However, both reported on an incident during a touch-and-go approach at Mojave Air […]

Video: WhiteKnightTwo flight

Here’s about an excerpt of a video released by Virgin Galactic on Friday with clips of a WhiteKnightTwo flight:

WhiteKnightTwo flight highlights from Jeff Foust on Vimeo.

Third WhiteKnightTwo flight Wednesday

WhiteKnightTwo, the carrier aircraft for SpaceShipTwo, took to the skies on Wednesday afternoon, according to several observers in Mojave. No word yet on the technical details associated with the flight, including flight time, altitude, etc. This was the first flight since February 5th and the third overall; the first was on December 21.

Branson runs on his own schedule

Last week Virgin Galactic president Will Whitehorn said that the first glide tests of SpaceShipTwo would take by the end of this year, not offering a timetable for either powered test flights or the beginning of commercial service. However, in Boston this week to mark the beginning of Virgin American flights into Logan Airport, Richard […]

Second WK2 test flight completed

I’ve heard from a couple of sources that WhiteKnightTwo took off from Mojave Air and Space Port just before 8 am PST (11 am EST) this morning on its second test flight. Look for more details later today.

Update: WK2 landed back at Mojave at 9:22 am PST (12:22 pm EST) according to a source.