Updates on PlanetSpace and Nova Scotia

Yesterday’s report that PlanetSpace is planning to develop a spaceport at Cape Breton, Nova Scotia generated a fair amount of media attention in Canada. Some summaries of the coverage:

PlanetSpace tells the Canadian Press that they will proceed with their orbital vehicle, Silver Dart, even if they are passed over in NASA’s COTS competition. That’s […]

Spaceport Nova Scotia?

The Toronto Star reports this morning that PlanetSpace has signed an agreement with the government of Nova Scotia to develop a spaceport in the province for the company’s planned orbital vehicle. As reporter Scott Simmie writes:

…Nova Scotia has signed a “team agreement” to provide 300 acres of land – and perhaps even some funding […]

PlanetSpace update

MSNBC’s Alan Boyle checks in with PlanetSpace, one of the lesser-known space tourism companies. PlanetSpace evolved from Canadian Arrow, one of the two Canadian X Prize entrants (The da Vinci Project being the other); Canadian Arrow planned to develop a vehicle similar to the V-2 for suborbital spaceflights. Most of the focus of the report […]

Virgin Galactic, Space Adventures, and trash talking

There are several companies competing in the suborbital tourism market: Virgin Galactic, Rocketplane, Space Adventures, among others. By in large the companies have said little about each other in public, other than a few glittering generalities or, at worst, some very general dismissals of unnamed rivals. In the cover story of the latest issue of […]