Next Falcon 9 launch postponed

SpaceX has postponed a launch previously scheduled for Saturday of six commercial communications satellites because of an unspecified problem during an attempted static fire test, delaying the launch until late this month.

“A static fire test in advance of SpaceX’s ORBCOMM OG2 Mission 1 was scrubbed this morning during fueling,” the company said in a […]

Planetary Resources shifts focus—to what it was doing all along

Illustration of a Planetary Resources Arkyd-100 spacecraft in orbit. A company official showed last month a larger version of the larger Arkyd-200 series that could launch as soon as late 2015. (credit: Planetary Resources, Inc.)

The Wall Street Journal yesterday reported what it considered a bit of a scoop: that asteroid mining company Planetary […]

A setback for KickSat

An illustration of the KickSat spacecraft deploying its payload of Sprite satellites, only 3.5 centimeters on a side. A problem with the KickSat’s master time may mean the satellite reenters before it can deploy those Sprites. (credit: KickSat)

Among the secondary payloads placed into orbit on last month’s Falcon 9 launch was a CubeSat […]