HerOrbit.com followup

To follow up on yesterday’s report where the cofounders of a social networking startup announced they were going to travel to the ISS, I received a response to some questions I posed the company from one of the cofounders/would-be space tourists, Cherry Mendoza. According to her, while they would start training in preparation for the […]

Election day

The polls open in Doña Ana County, New Mexico, later this morning for a special referendum on a gross receipts tax to help pay for the development of Spaceport America. According to today’s Las Cruces Sun-News, local officials expect a close election, although there’s been no published opinion polling on the proposal and election officials […]

HerOrbit.com founders going to space? Maybe.

There was a surprising press release this morning claiming that the two co-founders of an online social networking startup had signed up to fly to the ISS. Cherry Mendoza and Jennifer Bellofatto of HerOrbit.com will start training in Russia in the fall of 2007 for a future unspecified flight or flights to the ISS (the […]

Travel agents say the darnedest things

The Orange County Register gave Sunday a travel agent working with Virgin Galactic an opportunity to talk about the suborbital spaceflight experience. Tom Jackson has the basics of a suborbital spaceflight down, but he hasn’t captured all of the details. A few examples:

The technology is proven with the successful winning of the X-Competition [sic] […]

A little more money for Spaceport America

With Doña Ana County all set to hold a special election tomorrow on the spaceport tax measure, spaceport supporters got a mixed message over the weekend from the state legislature: it approved $10 million of the planned $25 million in road improvements for the spaceport. The money, though, is enough to start work on the […]