Slow start

We’re an hour into the event and not much has happened: everything seems to be running behind schedule. We did have the ceremonial ribbon cutting with Peter Diamandis, Buzz Aldrin, and others at 7 am:

Unfortunately, it looked like they used space elevator carbon nanotube material for the ribbon, so it took some time for […]

First in the media tent

Because the gates for the X Prize Cup opened at 6 am, I thought I should get here as close to 6 as possible, to beat the rush. And beat the rush I did: although there were minor delays getting through the security checkpoint outside the airport, I ended up being the first one in […]

Final X Prize Cup preparations

I’m heading over to the airport shortly for the X Prize Cup, which begins at the the crack of dawn (almost literally: the event starts at 7 am MDT and sunrise is about 15 minutes later.) In addition to my visit to the fairgrounds to watch the Space Elevator Games qualifying, I also spent some […]

Don’t forget the Space Elevator Games

Besides the Lunar Lander Challenge, another major aspect of the Wirefly x Prize Cup is the Space Elevator Games, in particular the Climber Competition. I got a look at some of the efforts by teams to qualify for the competition Thursday at the county fairgrounds, a few miles west of the airport. (I had initially […]