Mars on the cheap?

PC Magazine, of all publications, has a summary article of the appearance by Space Adventures’ Chris Faranetta and SpaceX’s Elon Musk at the Future in Review (or FiRE) conference in San Diego. (See earlier post.) There’s not too much new here: both go over their plans, and discuss some far-future propulsion breakthroughs (Faranetta is fond […]

Divining clues about Bigelow’s plans

Bigelow Aerospace is not nearly as secretive as it was just a couple of years ago: it now invites journalists to tour its Las Vegas facility where it is working on inflatable module designs, and it’s even revamped its web site. Still, it’s not very forthcoming about its plans, particularly in the near term. We […]

More Soyuz seats for orbital space tourists?

The Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported today that officials with RSC Energia say the company is ready to double the production of Soyuz spacecraft. The increased production is necessary, the article states, in order to support six-person crews on the International Space Station. What makes this report interesting, though, is how Energia plans to […]

X Prize Cup: get your hotel rooms now, or not?

In the last several weeks I have heard from a few people who have claimed that hotel rooms in Las Cruces were already tight for October’s X Prize Cup: according to one person I talked with at the ISDC earlier this month, all the hotel rooms in Las Cruces were already booked for the weekend. […]

Space Adventures and SpaceX review the future

SpaceX founder Elon Musk and Space Adventures vice president Chris Faranetta discussed space tourism and the future of commercial space ventures during talks Tuesday at the “Future in Review” conference in San Diego, CNET reports. There’s not much news in this report, other than a comment by Faranetta that Space Adventures hopes to sign […]

Brian Binnie, Man of the Square Table

Miller Lite is kicking off a new ad campaign this month, called “Man Laws”, who are crafted by, of course, “Men of the Square Table”. Joining the likes of Burt Reynolds, Eddie Griffin, and Jerome Bettis at the Square Table is SpaceShipOne pilot Brian Binnie. Binnie doesn’t get much face time—and only one line—in the […]

Weightless fashions revisited

None other than the New York Times examines the issue of what fashionable space tourists will wear, following up on an article in The Guardian last week (see earlier coverage). The Times article, though, does feature pictures of the “weightless wedding dress” by designer Eri Matsui mentioned, but not shown, in the Guardian article. In […]

More on state spaceports

The AP has a review article on the “unprecedented rush to build snazzy commercial spaceports”, with a particular focus on efforts in New Mexico and Oklahoma. There’s not much new here, although the article thoughtfully includes a comparison to the last spaceport boom in the 1990s (some of the proposed spaceports listed on the map […]

Gingrich wants to go

In an interview in this week’s issue of The Space Review, former House Speaker (and potential 2008 presidential candidate talks about a variety of space issues, including space tourism. It sounds like he’d be willing to buy a suborbital ticket, although it’s not clear how much he’d be willing to pay:

TSR: Beyond participating in […]

Sheboygan spaceport: real or fantasy?

We’ve previously discussed here the conflicting accounts of a planned “spaceport” in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, which has been fueled by a bill passed by the state legislature earlier this year that creates a Wisconsin Aerospace Authority with the intent of establishing a spaceport in the city on the shores of Lake Michigan. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel […]